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Why does vibration occur?

       When the weight of a rotating propeller and engine assembly is not equally distributed, vibration can occur. A small imbalance in the propeller can cause a significant vibration

How do we correct a vibration problem?

       Perform a propeller dynamic balance

Negative effects of vibration:

       Engine wear

       Cracked exhaust or sheet metal

       Vibration in the yoke

       Vibration in the rudder pedals

       Malfunctioning or failed avionics

Benefits of a Dynamic Balance:

        Extends the service life of airframe and components. With reduced vibration the aircraft runs smoother, quieter and is more safe

Propellers and Parts for Sale

Hartzell Propellers-Overhauled Condition

HC-D4N-3A/D9383K  Beech 200

HC-E4N-3N/D8990SK  Beech C90A 

HC-E4N-3N/D8990K  Beech C90

HC-B4TN-3B/T10173FB-10.5  Beech F90

HC-B4MP-3C/M10476NSK  King Air 350

PHC-J3YF-1RF/F7693-DFB  Cirrus SR-22

HC-C4YR-2/FC7663DB-6Q  Piper PA31-350

HC-E3YR-2ALTF/FJC8468B-6R  Piper PA-325, 350

HC-E4A-3D/E10477SK  Pilatus PC-12

McCauley Propellers-Overhauled Condition

B3D36C432/80VSA-1  Cessna 206H, T206H

D3A32C409/82NDB-2  Beech A36 Bonanza

3AF32C504/82NEA-5.5  Cessna 310

C2A34C204/90DCB-8  Cessna 182

1A170/EFA7655 Cessna 177

1A105/SCM7157 Grumman AA-1

1C235/LFA7570 Cessna 172R

1A170/GM7450  Piper PA18, Bellanca 7GCA

Sensenich Propellers-Overhauled Condition

72CK-0-56  Piper PA38